This agreement is to help the patient understand and comply with the laws regarding controlled pharmaceuticals: I understand and agree to the following:

  • If prescribed by my physicians, I have agreed to receive scheduled (controlled) medications. These medications are being prescribed to improve my functioning.

  • There is a known risk of psychological addiction and/or physical dependence associated with chronic use of controlled medications.

  • I will seek psychiatric treatment, psychotherapy, or other forms of treatment, if my provider deems it necessary.

  • I will communicate openly and fully the benefits and side effects of my medications.

  • I will NOT use any illegal substances during the course of this agreement.

  • I will NOT share my medications with anyone.

  • I will NOT attempt to obtain any controlled medications from another provider or by illegal means.

  • If I break this agreement, my provider may stop prescribing my controlled medications. He/she may taper my medications over  a period of days to avoid withdrawal symptoms. He/she may also refer me to a treatment facility.

  • I will safeguard my medication from loss, theft, or unintentional use by others. Lost/stolen medications may not be replaced. I will file a police report should my medication be stolen.

  • I authorize my provider and pharmacy to cooperate fully with any law enforcement agency in the investigation of possible misuse, sale, or other diversion of my medications.

  • I agree to submit to blood or urine tests if requested by my provider.

  • I understand my provider may verify I am receiving medications from only one provider through the Prescription Monitoring Program.

  • I agree to take my medications as prescribed. Taking my medications at a greater rate than prescribed will result in my being without medication for a period of time.


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