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Patient Reviews


"Your staff is top notch. They are always kind & helpful.  I cannot say enough good things about you all!"


"Amazing people! I truly appreciate how much they improved my daily life."


"I have found [Dr. Geenens] to be an extremely knowledgeable, patient, and intelligent doctor. He is not only competent, I feel heard, my feelings validated, and he considers the complexities of my condition before he is quick to simply write an RX script. He is the ONLY doctor I have ever known to be accessible and responds amazingly timely. I can't end without mentioning his professional administrative staff. Again, competent comes to mind, equaled only by their kindness and patience. I feel extremely grateful to have found this extraordinary group of people."


"Your incredible compassion, your faithful, unshakable friendship, your encouragement and unconditional support-even when you see a life headed for a train wreck is unfathomable.  But you are able to do so because it is also you at the end of the track absorbing the blow into yourself when that train comes to a safe, but inevitable screeching halt.  The life you saved, although, perhaps, bruised, or a little sadder, is much wiser and better for the journey."


"Very good experiences with Marissa Lahey, APRN. She listens completely and has worked with me to find medications that work for my insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Extremely patient and smart."


My appointment with Dr. Geenens was amazing, as it always is. I love Dr. Geenens, and the mutual respect he gives me in return is unrenowned. He listens when it’s time to listen. He’s excited about my accomplishments and offers sound advice at my failures. It means the world that at least one physician in this world still cares.


"I had been struggling with a mood disorder for a long time. I met with Marissa, and she was amazing. They honestly care about my mental heath. You guys are doing great. Thank you for actually caring."


"Dr. Geenens continued to surface as one of the best practitioners in his field during extensive research I conducted, and he has lived up to that reputation.  He is both a psychiatrist and a psychologist, which has been invaluable.  He's a great listener as well as a great advisor who has helped me navigate through some very difficult situations.  His knowledge about the medical field in general has been a valuable source.  Kind, funny, practical, caring and extremely intelligent are words that come to mind in describing Dr. Geenens.  I highly recommend him."


"I feel that with the help your practice provides me, the least I can do is tell you how much of a part you have played in my goals and achievements. I know you just have my best interests in mind, and I hope more people make the same connection and make proper use of the care you provide. You are a rare type of psychiatrist, and I can’t thank you enough."